Laundry care bag to wash your lovie!

Safety Eyes I Use

I want to talk a little about the safety eyes I use for the eyes. They have a washer that clicks to the screw eye. Once it clicks they are secure. I add extra security also by passing some thread through the hole on the tip of the screw or wrap thread around screw if no hole at tip, to make sure it stays secure and tight for the cotton ones. The nylon toys have no stretch, so they are secure once it clicks. The washer is bigger than the hole it sits in, so it can't pop through.


I choose yarn that can be machine washed. The nylon yarn can be machine washed with cool water, then dried without heat. New packaging is a laundry care bag for each lovie!! Wash your lovie in the laundry care bag for added protection!

  • Large Mermaids are 15 inches
  • Medium Mermaids are 10 inches
  • Small Mermaids are 6 inches
  • Or custom sized!


  • Large animals are 12-15 inches
  • Medium animals are 8-10 inches
  • Small animals are 4-7 inches
  • Or custom sized!


Pricing is quoted per custom request because time and supplies vary per project.

Shop pricing is a set price that includes cost of supplies only. Shipping is added to it in cart. 

Stuffing I Use

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