Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. Words Ami, means crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, means stuffed doll.

My name is Amy, and I started crocheting amigurumi stuffed toys for my own 4 children and developed a love of the craft. I gather the highest quality materials that will last through the years. I am choosy about texture and pick yarn that holds its shape well and has low or no pilling. The goal is to create a toy that will last and be a cherished memory toy! They make a great gift for all ages, but especially they make a special little friend for your sweet little one.

"I want to make items that are treasured not thrown out!"


New products include blankets and hats!



"My new mermaid is beautiful! Amy does are really good job making them!

Jen B, Barrett MN

"I was more than pleased with the baby Yoda I purchase. You never know what you are going to get with handmade products, but you can tell that the quality is top notch and this is better than anything you can get in the store. The detail work is amazing!!"

Jessica G, Little Rock AK

"My toddler loves her beautiful crocheted elephant! Amy is incredibly talented and her craftsmanship is top-notch. Her crocheted animals make wonderful friends for little ones." :)

Aubrey H, San Diego CA

I absolutely love the custom bears for my sons nursery that Amy made for me! After looking for months I had almost given up on finding some. Every other website was way over priced and was only close to what I had in mind of what I wanted. Thankfully I found Amy, she was easy to communicate with and made sure I got exactly what I wanted! Im looking forward to ordering more custom creations for my son in the future.

Cassie A, Murfreesboro TN

Amy makes the most amazing children's lovies! With beautiful details, enduring style, and amazing materials, every one of my kids enjoys these imagination stimulating toys!!! I love how easy they are to wash and care for, and how durable, yet beautiful, they are. I like to feel them as much as my kids do, very tactile! Lovie at First Site is my go-to place for gifts for anyone with children. We adore these classic toys!

Eliz Meyer, mom of 4, Osceola WI

I love it! I'm super excited to give the whale to my friend!

M Mitchell


Custom Order

Custom order! Contact me and I can custom-make mobile animals for your nursery! Your little one will lovie it at first site!


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Mobile Animals

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